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Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or...
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or...
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or...
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or...
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or...
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or Hêniokhos according to Pythagoras of Rhegium
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or Hêniokhos according to Pythagoras of Rhegium
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or Hêniokhos according to Pythagoras of Rhegium
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or Hêniokhos according to Pythagoras of Rhegium
Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or Hêniokhos according to Pythagoras of Rhegium

Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi or Hêniokhos according to Pythagoras of Rhegium

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A Treasure of Antiquity to Display in Your Home: The Bust of the Charioteer Statue, an Indispensable Masterpiece for Any Art and History Enthusiast.

This bronze reproduction depicts the bust of the illustrious charioteer of Delphi, with the original sculpture measuring 1.82 meters in height, unearthed during archaeological excavations in Delphi between April 28th and May 1st, 1896. The work was discovered in several fragments, including the torso, head, right arm, and the rest of the body. Probably dating back to the 5th century BC, its style and the name engraved on its base attest to its period of creation. According to accounts, it was damaged during an earthquake in 373 BC, which also caused the destruction of the Temple of the Alcmaeonids, where it was likely dedicated. The charioteer sculpture was part of a larger ensemble that included a chariot, four horses, and a young servant, all scattered during the cataclysm. It is said that Polyzalos, the tyrant of Gela, dedicated this sculpture to the sanctuary of Apollo to commemorate his victory in the Pythian Games, leading to a new dedication on its base.

A charioteer was a chariot driver, often associated with chariot racing competitions in antiquity. These specialized athletes drove chariots pulled by horses and participated in highly prized competitions, especially in ancient Greece and Rome. These races were major events in religious and sporting festivals, where charioteers competed for victory, often risking their lives.

The Alcmaeonids were an influential aristocratic family in ancient Athens, considered descendants of the legendary Greek hero Alcmaeon. Their lineage traced back to Megacles, an ancestor who held positions of power in Athens. Clisthenes, a prominent member of the family, is famous for leading radical political reforms in Athens towards the end of the 6th century BC, including the reorganization of tribes and the establishment of isonomia, a political system ensuring equal rights for all citizens.

Features of our Bronze Bust of the Charioteer of Delphi:

Height with base: 27 cm. 

Bust height: 21 cm. 

Base dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3 cm. 

Weight: 3.160 kg. 

Materials: Bronze. Marble base. 

Patina: antique bronze color. 

Handcrafted reproduction entirely made and patinated by hand. In stock. 

Delivery time: approximately 1 to 3 weeks.


Offer yourself a Piece of Ancient Greek History: The Bust of the Delphi Charioteer, the Centerpiece of Your Art Collection.

The statue of the Charioteer, a remarkable bronze work, embodies the majesty and grace of an athletic ephebe. His physical features reveal a unique combination of strength and distinction: broad shoulders evoking his athletic power, contrasting with the delicacy of the details on his clothing, which attest to his distinguished status. His slender appearance is accentuated by wearing a chiton, a long white traditional tunic with short sleeves, worn high on the waist and descending to the ankles. This garment was reserved for athletes participating in chariot races, thus emphasizing the competitive and prestigious nature of this activity in antiquity.

The Charioteer wears a headband around his head, a symbol of victory, tightly tied at the temples. Once adorned with copper and silver inlays, the headband now shows traces of its luxurious past decoration. His slightly open mouth reveals remnants of copper on the lips, reminiscent of the rich polychromy that once adorned this sculpture. The eyes, framed by bronze eyelashes, still retain their polychrome eyeballs, creating a striking effect of realism and vivacity.

The Charioteer's body, with shoulders slightly turned to the right, gives an impression of frozen movement in bronze, capturing the precise moment when the driver masters his chariot with unmatched skill. The horizontally outstretched arms in front of him hold the reins, while the missing left arm suggests dynamic action in the original composition. Every detail, from the fine and delicate fingers to the carefully carved nails, attests to the sculptor's meticulous concern for anatomical and aesthetic perfection.

Close examination of the statue's base reveals fascinating clues about its history and provenance. The inscription engraved on the base, although partially erased and amended over time, offers clues about the author's identity and the meaning of the dedication. Debates remain about the interpretation of these inscriptions, fueling the mysteries surrounding this exceptional work of art and its place in the history of ancient art.

In summary, the Charioteer statue represents much more than a mere sculptural representation: it embodies the spirit of competition, athletic grace, and artistic grandeur of ancient Greece, while raising questions and reflections on its past and legacy. The Bust of the Delphi Charioteer:

A Work of Art at the Crossroads of History and Aesthetics!

As you contemplate our bust of the Charioteer, a myriad of emotions awaken within you. First, you feel the powerful echo of ancient history, captured in every bronze feature. The majesty of this athletic ephebe, frozen in a pose of infinite grace, transports you to the vibrant atmosphere of the ancient Games. You can almost feel the excitement of the crowd, hear the clatter of horse hooves, and sense the tension of charioteers risking their lives at every moment. The joy of the victors, the shame of the vanquished, and the tragedies of the victims and their families resonate through the ages. You are struck by the unique combination of strength and distinction emanating from his broad shoulders and delicate clothing, evoking both the power and distinguished status of this extraordinary being. His immaculate chiton, reserved for champions of chariot races, awakens admiration in you for the prestigious competition that animated ancient Greece. You are carried away by the piercing gaze of the Charioteer, his polychrome eyes reflecting the intensity of victory and the thrill of action. Every meticulously carved detail reveals the unmatched talent of the sculptor and plunges you into a profound contemplation of anatomical and aesthetic perfection. You are carried away by the mysteries surrounding its history and significance, thus fueling your curiosity and fascination for this precious heritage of ancient art. In summary, the bust of the Charioteer statue awakens in you a palette of emotions, from wonder to reflection, inviting you to delve into the fascinating depths of history and beauty of ancient Greece.

Awaken the Spirit of Ancient Games: Treat Yourself to the Bronze Bust of the Delphi Charioteer!

Immerse yourself in the epic of ancient Greece by adding our bronze bust of the Delphi Charioteer to your art collection. Every meticulously sculpted detail of this replica will capture your imagination, evoking the grandeur of the Pythian Games and the intense competition of chariot races. Breathe in ancient history as you gaze upon this athletic ephebe, frozen in a majestic pose, testifying to both his strength and distinction. Let yourself be carried away by admiration for this exceptional being, whose victory headband and immaculate chiton recall the glorious triumphs of antiquity. With this bust, you will bring home a unique piece that will awaken in you a range of emotions, from wonder for art to fascination for history. Treat yourself to this valuable heritage and let yourself be transported into the captivating depths of ancient Greece.

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