Interior Decoration

Discover our wide selection of Architectural Ornaments and Decorations, a true tribute to classical beauty and ancient heritage. Each of our pieces is an authentic reproduction of Roman and Greek works, carefully recreated to capture the essence and grandeur of these fascinating eras.

Low reliefs are true sculptural masterpieces that tell mythological, historical, and symbolic stories. Every detail is meticulously crafted, offering a captivating glimpse into the art and culture of antiquity.

Our Capitals, Columns, and Pilasters immerse you in the majestic world of classical architecture. Their intricate designs and balanced proportions add a touch of grandeur to any setting.

Consoles, Tables, and Table Legs combine functionality and aesthetics. Their elegant and sophisticated design provides sturdy support while bringing a classical aesthetic to your interior.

The Art of the Home and the Art of the Table harmoniously blend in our collection. From decorative sculptures with classical motifs to tableware inspired by antiquity, each object is an invitation to transform your living space into an artistic sanctuary.

Metopes and Medallions, with their exquisite details and sculptural representations, offer a unique perspective on ancient history and legends. Hang them on your walls to add an artistic and educational dimension to your environment.

Our Lamps combine functionality and style. Inspired by ancient lamps, they emit a soft and warm light, creating a captivating atmosphere worthy of past civilizations.

Geometric Volumes are abstract works of art that bring a modern aesthetic while paying homage to the geometric forms used in ancient art. Their clean lines and balanced proportions bring a contemporary touch to your decor.

Lastly, our Vases allow you to bring the elegance and beauty of classical Greek vases into your home. These exquisite vessels add a touch of sophistication to your floral arrangements, reflecting the ancient artists' passion for the harmony between nature and art.

Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art and history. For lovers and enthusiasts of classical art, our selection of Architectural Ornaments and Decorations is a treasure that allows you to create spaces filled with charm, elegance, and refinement.

Tête de faune sylvestre
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Wild fauna face

Dimensions Height: 31 cm. Width: 22 cm.Depth: 6,5 cm.Weight: 820 g.Material: resin.Publisher: Temarte S.L.
Gargouille récoltant son blé
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Medieval art

Farmer's gargoyle harvesting wheat

Farmer's gargoyle harvesting wheat Dimensions Height: 35 cms Width: 15,5 cmsDepth: 17 cmsWeight: 10 KgMaterial: ResinPublisher: Temarte S.L.
Plate decoration of main door
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Art of house

Plate decoration of main door

Dimensions Height: 40 cm. Width: 32 cmDepth: 12,5 cmWeight: 2,5 KgMaterial: resinPublisher: Temarte S.L.
Table basse stèle royale Maya
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Coffee table style of a Mayan royal stele. Original coffee table inspired by the stele of King Yuknoom Took' K' awiil king of Calakmul is the modern name of one of the oldest and most powerful Mayan cities discovered in the lowlands. Dimensions Height: 45 cm.Width: 70 cm.Weight: 30 KgMaterial: Resin and patinated steel
Egyptian Beetle
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Egyptian art

Egyptian Scarab

Explore the essence of Egyptian art through the Egyptian Scarab. Immerse yourself in Egyptian art by letting yourself be captivated by the magic of the Egyptian Scarab, an exceptional creation that embodies the very essence of this ancient art form. Each Egyptian Scarab is much more than a mere sculpture; it is a window into the deep symbiosis between...
Table base representing a winged lion
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The winged lion is a fantastic figure that has been used throughout history and by many civilizations. The winged lion represented the power and divine origin of the king. The belief in these fantastic beings dates back to Ancient Egypt around 3300 BC. However, some specialists claim that these beliefs are older and there are many references to the winged...
Greek Bronze Calyx Krater, Tumulus of Sévasti
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Features of our Greek Bronze Calyx Krater, Tumulus of Sévasti: Height: 25.5 cm. Diameter: 20 cm. Weight: 5 kg. Material: Bronze. Patina: antique bronze color. Handcrafted reproduction entirely made and patinated by hand.
Fauna bookends by Miguel Fernando López (Milo)
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Reproduction in patinated bronze by hand.Sculpture worked and hot cast in art foundry, made using the so-called lost wax method. Dimensions: Height: 19 cm.Depth: 9.5 cm.Width: 20 cm.Weight: 2.2 kg.Material: Bronze.Artistic movements: Contemporary art.Artist: Miguel Fernando Lopez (Milo) (1955).Delivery: approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
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