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Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle
Egyptian Beetle

Egyptian Scarab

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Explore the essence of Egyptian art through the Egyptian Scarab.

Immerse yourself in Egyptian art by letting yourself be captivated by the magic of the Egyptian Scarab, an exceptional creation that embodies the very essence of this ancient art form. Each Egyptian Scarab is much more than a mere sculpture; it is a window into the deep symbiosis between spirituality and creativity that characterized the art of ancient Egypt. These artistic gems reveal an intimate connection with the beliefs and rituals of the time, offering a unique perspective on the worldview of the ancient Egyptians.

Let yourself be enchanted by Egyptian art through our Scarabs.

Each scarab is a gateway to a bygone era, where art was a universal language expressing the beliefs, myths, and aspirations of an entire civilization. By immersing yourself in Egyptian art through these enchanting scarabs, you embark on a visual and emotional journey, exploring the depths of human creativity and how it was intrinsically linked to spirituality in the ancient civilization of Egypt.

The Role and Meaning of the Scarab in the Thinking of the Ancient Egyptians.

Dive into the heart of the beliefs and meanings that gave the Egyptian Scarab a crucial role in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. Much more than a mere artistic sculpture, the scarab held a central place in the cosmology and rituals of this ancient civilization.

For the ancient Egyptians, the scarab, also known as the "sacred beetle," symbolized the eternal cycle of life, death, and regeneration. Its role was deeply rooted in the belief in resurrection, fundamental concepts in Egyptian spirituality. The characteristic shape of the scarab, with its rounded back, was associated with the rising sun, evoking the sun god Khepri, representing daily renewal.

The scarab was also perceived as a powerful protective talisman. It was believed that these amulets, often worn as jewelry or inserted into mummy wrappings, had the power to ward off evil and ensure a safe passage to the afterlife. Inscriptions engraved on the scarabs could include magical formulas, prayers, or divine names, reinforcing their symbolic power.

Beyond its spiritual role, the scarab was also a symbol of prosperity and luck. It was believed that wearing a scarab brought good fortune and protection, turning this mystical icon into a daily object imbued with symbolic power.

Characteristics of our Egyptian Scarabs:

Handcrafted reproduction entirely made and patinated by hand.

Height: 3 cm.

Width: 8.5 cm.

Depth: 13 cm.

Weight: 250 g.

Material: Resin.

In stock.

  • Deep blue
  • ivory
  • Antique gold plating


Secrets Unveiled: Interpretation of our Egyptian Scarab Beyond Its Form

Discover the timeless splendor of an Egyptian Scarab, an artistic creation imbued with mystery and symbolism. This scarab, crafted with exceptional artisanal precision, embodies the very essence of ancient Egyptian art. With its characteristic rounded back and meticulous details, each scarab is a fascinating work of art that offers a unique glimpse into the cultural richness of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian Scarab, with its distinctive shape, is a marvel of sculpted nature. Its carapace boasts a smooth and polished surface that captures light in an enchanting manner. The hue of the scarab varied, ranging from the sparkling brilliance of gemstones to the subtle shades of enameled faience.

At the core of this sculpture, the rounded back of the scarab evokes the rising sun, symbolizing the perpetual cycle of life, death, and regeneration in Egyptian mythology. The delicate lines and elegant curves of its body reveal meticulous attention to detail, attesting to the exceptional craftsmanship of Egyptian artisans.

The flat underside of the scarab is adorned with finely engraved inscriptions or symbols. These marks, often laden with spiritual meanings, add an additional dimension to the external beauty of the scarab, providing insight into the cultural and religious significance of this creature in ancient Egypt.

The balanced proportions of the scarab, along with its modest yet imposing size, make it an object both delicate and powerful. Held in the palm of the hand, it invites meticulous contemplation of its exquisite details and mystical symbolism, turning the Egyptian Scarab into an artistic and cultural piece of great elegance.

Scarabs were often used as seals, bearing engraved inscriptions, thus creating unique and personalized pieces.

Whether as a precious jewel, a decorative ornament, or a sacred talisman, each Egyptian Scarab tells a captivating story of ancient Egypt. Immerse yourself in the art and symbolism that transcend time and be enchanted by the timeless beauty of this cultural emblem steeped in mysticism and tradition.

Balance Between Substance and Sentiment: The Majesty of our Egyptian Scarab

Discover a transcendent artistic experience by exploring the exceptional harmony between material and emotion encapsulated in our Egyptian Scarab. Each piece, meticulously crafted, embodies the perfect alliance between luxury materials and the profound emotional power infused by ancient Egyptian symbolism.

The scrupulous choice of materials contributes to the exceptional brilliance of each scarab. Indeed, each material is carefully selected for its quality and ability to reflect the essence of Egyptian symbolism. This fusion of material sophistication creates an exceptional piece, where texture, color, and brilliance harmoniously come together to bring a visual masterpiece to life.

The delicate balance between the sculptural form of the scarab and the profound meaning it carries evokes an unparalleled emotional connection. Every detail, every curve, every symbol engraved on the surface of the scarab is an invitation to feel and interpret. The object becomes much more than a mere artistic representation; it becomes a true emotional expression of Egyptian cultural heritage.

The experience is heightened by the precision of craftsmanship, where each stroke is shaped with exceptional expertise. This meticulous attention to creation contributes to the emergence of a harmonious balance between the materiality of the object and the emotions it evokes. Each scarab becomes an invitation to a sensory journey, where the richness of materials blends with symbolic depth, offering an aesthetic and emotional experience that transcends the boundaries of time and culture.

Excellence in Craftsmanship and Elegance of Materials in our Egyptian Scarabs

Explore a world of excellence where exceptional craftsmanship and luxury materials come together to give life to each Egyptian Scarab. Each of these exquisite pieces embodies the result of meticulous craftsmanship, showcasing dedicated artisans who master ancestral techniques passed down through generations.

Immerse yourself in the artistic heritage of Egypt with our exclusive collection of Egyptian Scarabs. Each piece becomes a gateway to a bygone era, reinterpreted with a modern touch. The perfect union between the ancient and the contemporary creates a unique experience, where luxurious materiality meets the deep emotion inscribed in Egyptian symbolism.

Each Egyptian Scarab becomes much more than a simple artistic object; it is a timeless work of art that transcends eras, evoking the refined spirit of ancient Egypt while continuing a tradition of exceptional artistry. Let yourself be carried away on this fascinating journey where art becomes a bridge between the past and the present, and where each scarab bears the mark of artisanal excellence and eternal beauty.

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