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Bronze statue of a young man riding a dolphin,...
Bronze statue of a young man riding a dolphin,...
Bronze statue of a young man riding a dolphin,...
Bronze statue of a young man riding a dolphin, Archaeological Museum of Athens
Bronze statue of a young man riding a dolphin, Archaeological Museum of Athens
Bronze statue of a young man riding a dolphin, Archaeological Museum of Athens

Bronze statue of a young man riding a dolphin, Archaeological Museum of Athens

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Bronze Statue of Young Taras Riding a Dolphin: Mythical Tale of Protection and Prosperity

Our reproduction of this bronze statue likely depicts young Taras. The legend of Taras, the founder of Taranto, is filled with fascinating details that have captivated the imagination for centuries. Son of Poseidon, the god of the seas, and the nymph Satyria, Taras was born into a world where gods and mortals often intermingled. His birth was surrounded by mystery and divine intervention, as Poseidon, aware of the challenges and dangers awaiting his newborn son, decided to entrust his safety to a loyal dolphin.

Thus, from his birth, Taras was placed on the back of a dolphin sent by his father, and this dolphin guided him through the turbulent waters of the sea to the shores of Taranto. It was there that Taras's destiny intertwined with that of the city he would found. The inhabitants of Taranto, amazed by this miraculous arrival, welcomed Taras as a divine hero, recognizing in him the sign of the gods' favor.

As he grew, Taras became not only the symbol of Taranto's foundation but also its protector and guide. He was respected and revered as a living link between gods and men, a link manifested in his close connection to the oceans and sea creatures. The depiction of Taras riding a dolphin, an emblematic image of Greek mythology, captured this special relationship between the hero and the aquatic realm, symbolizing both his divine origin and his role in the protection and prosperity of Taranto.

Thus, the image of Taras riding a dolphin not only recalls the story of his extraordinary birth but also the deep connection between gods, men, and the city he founded, a tale that continues to fascinate and inspire those who hear about the legend of Taras and the city of Taranto.

Features of our bronze statuette of a young man riding a dolphin:

Height: 10.5 cm.

Width: 10.5 cm.

Depth: 3 cm.

Weight: 0.320 kg.

Materials: Bronze. Marble base.

Patina: antique bronze color.

Handcrafted reproduction entirely made and patinated by hand.

In stock.

Delivery time: approximately 1 to 3 weeks.


Discover ancient mystique with our replica of the bronze statuette of a young man riding a dolphin, bearing witness to the sacred bond between man and dolphin for millennia.

The tale of the relationship between man and dolphin dates back to antiquity, where ancient civilizations saw in this elegant marine mammal much more than a mere sea creature. Since ancient times, the dolphin has been revered as a manifestation of marine power, its speed and grace in the waters undoubtedly contributing to this perception. A remarkable example of this reverence is illustrated by a 3,500-year-old fresco, discovered in the palace of Knossos in Crete, dating back to 1500 BC. This fresco, located in the queen's chamber, testifies to the deep connection between the dolphin and the mother goddess, demonstrating that long before being associated with Poseidon, the sea was linked to female deities. The dolphin then symbolized fertility and the power of procreation, as evidenced by the Greek term "delphus," meaning womb.

Captivate your guests' imagination with our bronze statuette of young Taras riding a dolphin, a piece of art inspired by ancient legends of rescue and affection between dolphins and humans.

Beyond its divine symbolism, the dolphin was also perceived as a benevolent companion to man, as evidenced by numerous ancient legends and tales. Pliny the Elder, in his "Natural History," recounts touching stories of dolphins saving shipwrecked sailors and showing remarkable affinity with humans. These accounts helped forge an image of the animal as a sensitive and protective being, associated with values such as benevolence, friendship, and loyalty.

The iconography of the dolphin is also rich and diverse, present in Greco-Roman art in various forms such as coins, frescoes, sculptures, and jewelry. It is also found in religious contexts, where it is associated with marine deities such as Neptune, Thetis, and Amphitrite, as well as symbolic figures of early Christianity.

The fascination with the dolphin was also expressed through Aesop's fables, which conveyed moral lessons about truth, loyalty, and prudence through tales featuring this emblematic animal. These stories helped reinforce the image of the dolphin as an intelligent and benevolent being, always ready to help those in need.

Immerse yourself in history and mythology with the Dolphin: A Legendary and Protective Companion.

The dolphin transcends its status as a mere marine creature to become a universal symbol of power, fertility, and protection. Indeed, its presence in art, mythology, and literature reveals its essential role in the collective imagination. Beyond its impressive physical qualities, the dolphin embodies a spiritual force, representing the connection between man and the marine world. Its reputation as a savior, guide, and benevolent companion confirms its privileged place in the hearts and minds of people through the ages, making it an emblematic figure of the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

Indulge in an ancient treasure with our bronze statuette: a poignant representation of the bond between Taras and his dolphin.

Dive into the captivating universe of Greek mythology with our magnificent bronze statuette depicting a young man riding a dolphin, inspired by an iconic piece from the Archaeological Museum of Athens. This artisanal reproduction evokes the fascinating legend of Taras, son of Poseidon, god of the seas, and the nymph Satyria. The special relationship between Taras and the dolphin, a symbol of marine protection and power, is immortalized in this striking work of art. Throughout the ages, the dolphin has been revered as a benevolent companion to man, embodying values such as loyalty, benevolence, and wisdom. Our bronze statuette, with its perfect dimensions, offers a unique reproduction of this legendary image. Featuring an antique bronze patina and resting on a marble base, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. Placed in your home or office, this statuette not only evokes the rich cultural heritage of ancient Greece but also inspires through its captivating history and timeless symbolism. Acquire this remarkable piece today, evoking the spirit of antiquity while adding a dash of history and beauty to your everyday life!

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