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Bronze statuette of Athena flying her owl, the...

Bronze statuette of Athena flying her owl, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Bronze Statue of Athena with her Owl: Expression of Unwavering Determination and Constant Vigilance, an Artwork that Inspires Power.

In this remarkable bronze reproduction of the statue, the majestic Athena stands with imposing presence, capturing the very essence of divinity. Her chiton, a robe of captivating fluidity, is a true masterpiece of delicate pleating, evoking her timeless charm. Adorned with her belt and ornate brooches, her noble silhouette is enhanced with unmatched grace. Her war helmet, emblem of her power and protection, sits atop her head with an aura of majesty. Her frank and assured gaze expresses unwavering determination, while her left arm, aligned with her body, points to the ground, symbolizing her unbreakable connection to the earth she defends, her temple, her city, and her lands of which she is the goddess and protector. This gesture underscores her deep connection to the land and her role as guardian and guide. On the other side, her right arm, extended above her head, holds and lifts her owl in a gesture reminiscent of falconers, ready to release the bird upon her enemies, thus demonstrating her power and vigilance in protecting her sacred territory.

Features of our Bronze Statue of Athena Flying with her Owl:

Height: 23 cm.

Width: 10.5 cm.

Depth: 6.5 cm.

Materials: Bronze, marble base.

Patina: antique bronze color.

Artisanal reproduction entirely crafted and hand-patinated.

In stock.

Delivery time: approximately 1 to 3 weeks.


Protect Your Home with the Athena Statue Flying Her Owl: The Warrior and Wise Goddess, Guardian and Protector of Your Abode.

Athena, in Greek mythology, embodies one of the most fascinating and complex figures in the divine pantheon. Daughter of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Metis, a titaness of wisdom, her story is rich in symbols and meanings. Often depicted as a warrior goddess, endowed with sharp intelligence and unparalleled strategy. Her role as protector of cities, especially Athens, leads her to be revered as a tutelary figure, offering her wisdom and protection to those who worship her. Athena is also associated with craftsmanship, especially sewing and pottery, areas in which she excels thanks to her ingenuity and manual dexterity. Her complex character reflects the duality of war and wisdom, strength and reason, making her an emblematic figure that inspires both fear and respect. Her emblematic animal is the owl, a symbol of wisdom and insight, which often accompanies her in her representations. Athena, with her helmet and shield, embodies strength and protection, but also prudence and reflection, making her a goddess of deep symbolic and spiritual richness in Greek mythology.

Guide Your Path with Athena: Statue and Owl, Guardians of Wisdom and Divine Strategy.

In Greek mythology, the owl, associated with Athena, embodied wisdom and insight. Symbol of intuitive knowledge and perspicacity, it was considered the faithful companion of the goddess. The presence of the owl alongside Athena symbolized her ability to see beyond darkness, to discern truth amidst the shadows. As a goddess of wisdom and military strategy, Athena used the owl as a messenger to convey her advice and warnings to mortals. Her role as a spiritual guide was also emphasized by the presence of the owl, offering protection and enlightenment to those who sought wisdom. Additionally, the owl was sometimes considered an omen of victory in battles, reinforcing Athena's association with triumph and justice.

Bring Wisdom to Your Home: Replica of Athena and Her Owl from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Priceless Work of Art.

Dive into the timeless legacy of Greek mythology by acquiring our remarkable Bronze Statue of Athena, showcasing the goddess of wisdom in all her splendor, accompanied by her faithful owl. Capturing the very essence of divinity, this meticulously crafted reproduction from the original statuette at the Metropolitan Museum of Art transports you to a world of wisdom and insight. With its carefully sculpted details and antique bronze patina, this statue embodies the majesty and power of Athena, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your interior. Whether you're passionate about mythology or simply seeking a unique piece to enrich your collection, this statue invites you to connect with the ancestral wisdom of the goddess and infuse your home with divine grace. Don't miss this opportunity to own a symbol of spiritual guidance and protection. Order our Bronze Statue of Athena today and immerse yourself in the magic of ancient Greece.

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