Temarte SL is a specialized company in the art of modeling, theming public or private spaces and interior decoration. All our items are exact reproductions of sculptures from ancient times to our days carefully selected from the most prestigious museums in the world. We offer some of the finest masterpieces of eras: Hellenistic, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, Indian, Mayan, Christian and Western.

Each piece is a work of art - previously carved with great finish in wood or clay in our workshops - then molded in resin or cement to which we add naturals patinas to give the desired appearance . We think that all Arts are related to beauty and must be part of our everyday environments, and by extension an integral part of the world around us.

It is extremely difficult to find artisans who share both our vision and work with dedication on the quality of their products. We have gathered in our shop a selection of the best handicrafts from Spain and the rest of Europe, which will enable our customers to create spaces of great beauty and sophistication in their own home and garden. We are thus confident that the products we have selected for you fully meet this expectation.

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