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    The Bambara (or Bamana) belong to the Mande language group. They are the heirs of the great Empire of Mali (11th to 15th centuries) and the two later kingdoms of Segu and Kaarta.This farming tribe has developed an original culture in which music, theatre (koteba) and dance play an important role. Originally fixed to a wicker cap, this sculpture is a...
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    Funerary statue SakalavaThis figurative and "suggestive" sculpture, in more than one way, inevitably attracts the gaze and dreams, both the position of the character and the stylistic style are not embarrassed by any forbidden.Expression of the permanent dialogue between life and death, the Sakalava of Madagascar glorify the couple, source of perpetuation...
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    These wooden figurines were worn by pregnant women, tucked in their wrap-around skirts, in order to ensure they would give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. Despite their very simplified design, a disk for the head, a cylinder for the body, crossed by a line for the arms, these figurines were sometimes decorated with belts, necklaces or pendant...
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    This bird, eagle, eagle, buzzard or falcon, could be the top of a district or village chief's emblem. Executed in hard red-brown hardwood, a variety of faux mahogany, the sculpture is very refined by its engraving covering all the surface, a technique used for many ceremonial objects such as flypickers' sleeves, fans, power sabre handles coming from the...
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    Reproduction in patinated bronze by hand.Sculpture worked and hot cast in art foundry, made using the so-called lost wax method. Dimensions: Height: 41 cm.Depth: 11 cm.Width: 13 cm.Weight: 5 kg.Material: Bronze.Artistic movements: Contemporary art.Artist: Miguel Fernando Lopez (Milo) (1955).Delivery: approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
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