Pre-colombian art 

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    During the Classical period, in the Mayan region, the "ahauob" (or kings) harassed their enemies and attacked their cities but did not kill their opponents. They preferred to capture them alive and take them to their city where they were publicly tortured, humiliated and sometimes dismembered. The captured enemies were most often offered as sacrifices...
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    Inca ball player Dimensions Height: 10,5 cm.Width: 14 cm.Depth: 7,5 cm.Weight: 475 g.Material: Resin.Publisher: Temarte S.L.
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    This head represents one of the biggest puzzles in Olmec history. Indeed, the sculpture, original and more than 2,000 years old, represents a man with negroid features. The first African blacks, however, arrived in the New World with the slave trade long after the Spanish conquest.The enormous monolith, known as the "head of Cobata", is the heaviest of...
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    Original coffee table inspired by the stele of King Yuknoom Took' K' awiil king of Calakmul is the modern name of one of the oldest and most powerful Mayan cities discovered in the lowlands. In ancient times the heart of the city was known as Ox Te' tuun. This mighty Mayan city was inhabited for more than a millennium, before being swallowed up by the...
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    DimensionsHeight: 45 cm.Width: 45 cm.Material: White patinated plaster.In stockDelivery time: Delivery within 7 days to 15 daysThis reproduction is available for sale in plaster, polyester resin or reconstituted stone, and patinated (or not) in bronze, terracotta, marble, wood, polychrome, gilt, stone or diorite. Do not hesitate to consult us for the...
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