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    The undisputed master of the Egyptian sky, the peregrine falcon was considered to be a divine animal.Several gods, mainly Horus, were represented in the form of a falcon or a hawk-headed man.The bird, in this case, is portrayed standing still, in a deliberately simplified and massive shape. The eyes of the original statue are inlaid with flint and express...
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    ln Ancient Egypt, the goddess Bastet, represented as a female cat, was venerated at Bubastis, in the Delta. ln reality, Bastet was a sweeter version of the goddess Sekhmet who every year left the land of Egypt in the form of a lioness, becoming the distant goddess, only to return during the rainy season appeased and transfigured in the form of a cat....
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    Iay, a high official of Pharaoh (Head of the Double Treasure), sits in the scribe's well known position as a tailor, holding in his left hand a papyrus unfurled on his knees showing a list of burial offerings. He wears a large wig leaving his ears uncovered and a short loincloth without belt, held only by a knot at the waist. The first representations of...
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    This fragment of artist's study, in limestone, found during the Franco-Polish excavations of Edfu (Upper Egypt), probably evokes the upper part of the great goddess Hathor, venerated in her temple of Denderah, Horus' female counterpart, the solar force that sustains the life of the world. The shape of the body and face corresponds to the style of the...
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    This sculpture was Auguste Rodin's first really important work, it was precisely this work that made him known to the general public. Auguste Rodin already displays a perfect mastery of his art, this sculpture already prefigures in his attitude and his modelling the sculptor's passion for living nature. Auguste Nay, a young Belgian soldier who served as a...
Showing 55 - 59 of 59 items

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