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    Dimensions Height: 3 cms Width: 8,5 cmsDepth: 13 cmsWeight: 250 gramsMaterial: ResinPublisher: Temarte S.L.
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    This paperweight is inspired by a sales act found in Shuruppak. Writing was born in Sumer and Elam out of the need to record the wealth of the cities.In the following centuries, scribes improved the invention. Slowly, over the following centuries, the scribes, more draughtsmen than writers, improved this invention. Around 2600 BC, writing was sufficiently...
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    The somewhat crude quality of this tablet is explained by the fact that it would have been fashioned by an apprentice scribe. It features three lines of writing in the hand of the apprentice's master. The pupil's clumsy efforts to copy certain of the symbols can be seen underneath and on the reverse side of the tablet.A great many school tablets have been...
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    The Sumerians used to ensure the durability and identity of their official constructions by burying in the foundations a large nail, sometimes in solidarity with a figurine and intended to symbolically tie up the building, and a written document, intended to preserve the memory of the builder and the destination of his work. The support for the writing...
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    These bookends made of resin are inspired by an egyptian sculpture belonging to the cubic type that appeared during the Middle Empire (1295-1069 B.C), and were highly appreciated until the Late Period. The volume of the first examples was highly simplified, giving really the impression of a cube. Over time, however, the shape of the body and arms became...
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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