Realization of the Lion Fountain monument

Realization of the Lion Fountain monument

The recovery of the Lion Fountain

This Lion's Fountain of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy (Piedad Park) had been the meeting point for generations of the city's inhabitants (children and teenagers playing in the park, couples in love, newlyweds taking pictures, elderly people walking around and enjoying the coolness of the park, etc.).

The original sculpture was made by the famous sculptor and ceramist Pedro Navia Campos, but it has suffered significant deterioration due to successive vandalisms over a period of more than 40 years, finally disappearing a few years ago.

The steps in the making of the Lion Fountain

This new Fountain of the Lion is an original creation entirely designed and hand carved by the sculptor José Luis Miranda.

The monumental sculpture was first made of clay on which a direct impression was taken to edit the modeling matrix based on silicone and epoxy resins.

Due to the weight and particular dimensions of the sculpture to be made, the workshop decided to manufacture in parallel a custom-made reinforced steel cage, adapted to support and maintain the 26 detachable pieces that make up the outer shell or mould made of polyester resins and fiberglass.


A first casting or modelling test was carried out to check the resistance of the outer mould and the steel structure, and also to control the quality of the finish of the piece.

After passing the quality control tests, the workshop proceeded to manufacture and install a metal structure inside the mold to reinforce the resistance of the entire sculpture to the weather and to possible acts of vandalism that the monument might suffer.

Before the mold was filled with the mixture, the plumbing system was installed inside the mold, with its metal structure, to allow the connection of the water to the public drinking water network and to be able to form the fountain's water jet that will flow from the lion's mouth.

The filling mixture, made of reconstituted stone, is composed of three parts of Macael marble powder, plus one and a half parts of high-strength grey cement, and 3% natural pigments, to give the required basic bronze color; as well as one part of water, indispensable for kneading and fixing the materials.


Once the mold was filled with the reconstituted stone mixture, the sculpture required a drying time of 21 days. The outer mould was first taken out of its steel cage and then disassembled piece by piece to reveal the resulting piece.

Then, some small finishing retouches were made and several layers of complementary successive patinas were applied to bring out all the nuances of the imitation bronze patina on the final sculpture.


Patina, a central art form.

Thanks to the finishes we offer in the TEMARTE S.L. modeling workshop, our reproductions are not only faithful to the original models, but they also recover and preserve all the charm of the past.

Our workshop offers a wide range of tones, shades and types of classic patinas such as: stone, marble, bronze or terracotta, etc., but can also make any type of patina on request.

The sculpture of the Lion Fountain weighs a total of 650 kilos and is 1.43 meters in length (56,29") and 2 meters with the base (78,74") and 73 centimeters (0,287") in width.

Our workshop can adapt to all your projects and needs.

The Fountain of the Lion, which has an exceptional character due to its size, weight and history, once again adorns the main avenue of the park of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy (Parque de Nuestra Señora de la Piedad, one of the most beautiful and emblematic parks in the city of Almendralejo (Extremadura).

This project to recover the sculpture of the Fountain of the Lion in the Parque de Nuestra Señora de la Piedad has been made possible thanks to the work of the Centre for Tourist Initiatives, the support of Almendralejo Town Council and the sponsorship of Cajalmendralejo.

An exceptional expertise.

Our art modeling workshop offers local and regional authorities, as well as professionals and individuals, a wide collection of sculptures and relief models suitable for outdoor exhibition.

The TEMARTE S.L. team is particularly proud to have been able to participate in the recovery of the Lion Fountain of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy, in the city of Almendralejo (Extremadura, Spain).

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