Bullfighting Trophy by TEMARTE

Bullfighting Trophy by TEMARTE

Trophy of bullfighter "suit of lights".

It is a trophy made up of a set of four distinct pieces sculpted in our workshops and which symbolizes the "suit of lights" of a professional bullfighter. Each original piece of this "suit of lights" is richly decorated with beautiful traditional embroideries, finely detailed.

The suit of lights is like a second skin for the bullfighter. Each bullfighter can choose the dominant color of his suit. This allows spectators from the stands to easily identify it, among other bullfighters in the middle of the arena. The bullfighter can change the color of his costume which, depending on the circumstances, can symbolize the colors of the city (where the bullfighter practices bullfighting), the breeding farm or his personal choice.

One of the four pieces in this set is a remarkable bas-relief, representing the bullfighter performing a Veronica in front of a bull running straight towards him. 

Veronica is an important pass in bullfighting. It makes it possible to evaluate not only the physical qualities of the bull, but also the quality of the bullfighter's movements.
The name of this pass is a reference to Saint Veronica who according to the legend gave one of her clothes to Christ to cleanse the blood on his face.
Two pieces of the set each represent a different suit from the bullfighter, one of these pieces is composed of a jacket, a waistcoat, a shirt, and a scarf. The other piece combines these same elements of the suit, to which we have added a cape wrapped around the bullfighter's left arm and on which we can also see the folds and embroideries carefully sculpted.

The fourth and last piece of the set is the complete suit of the bullfighter with its light shoes and its "montera" which is the traditional hat of the bullfighters on foot. The set is carefully placed on the back of a wooden chair with a straw seat so that the bullfighter can dress up to fight in the arena.

We have added an extra touch of realism by sculpting the rosary, which the bullfighter traditionally wears between his fingers to pray to God before each bullfight.

Although the trophy is less than 50 centimetres high, the smallest details such as the folds and embroidery of each of the three pieces of the "suit of lights" have been carefully sculpted.

This exceptional trophy, composed of four pieces in total with bas-relief can be ordered separately, is the ideal gift for professionals or amateurs of the world of bullfighting, but also for all collectors.

Personalized assistance from initial concept to finished product

TEMARTE is specialized in the creation of custom-made and top-of-the-range trophies since 1994, our team's only requirement is to give your brand, company or event the importance it deserves through your trophy. Whatever your project: events, company, association, sports competition... we are at your disposal to design and manufacture the trophy adapted to your needs.

From a simple idea, a simple drawing or a photo, our design studio will propose you several models adapted to your budget. We are creators and designers of customized trophies, we design and create the models that we then manufacture in our workshops within a very short period of time. In this way, we have total control over the manufacturing process of your project from A to Z so that your trophy is the perfect symbol for your event.
With our original creations, the success of your event is guaranteed.

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