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    After a facsimile kept at the château de Versailles - XVIIIth centuryChâteau de Versailles et de Trianon, Versailles In 1785 this sumptuous 1 600 000 pounds necklace with diamonds has been proposed to Marie-Antoinette by two jewellers but, with the king Louis XVI, she refused it because of the enormity of the amount, equivalent to the price of two war...
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    A royal jewel inspired by a pendant This pendant, which was stamped and then cut out from a thick gold leaf, takes its shape from the mother-of-pearl shells which were often inscribe with the names of the kings of the XIIth dynasty. A suspension ring is welded at the top.This type of jewel was commonly worn by the queens and princesses of the Middle...
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    Roman gold and silver work from the beginning of the Imperial Age (27 B.C. - 476 A.D.) is well known and documented: the towns of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis and Stabiae were destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., and their treasures, including an impressive array of jewellery, were preserved in volcanic ash for centuries. Its development...
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    This necklace is composed of a flexible chain from which hang a number of small identical pendants in the shape of elongated acorns or very narrow vases. Because of its short length, this type of adornment was worn very close to the neck. During the Hellenistic Period, Greek goldsmiths liked to decorate necklaces and earrings with pendants in the shape of...
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    Firmin Massot was one of the leading Genevan painters of his time. He excelled in portraiture, and was initially successful among his compatriots, then among foreigners visiting or staying in Geneva.Among the most famous people painted by Firmin Massot were Madame de Staël and her children, Madame Récamier, Queen Hortense and Empress Joséphine. Born in...
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    Marine de Diesbach works with antique drop-forged bases (brass pieces pressed into a mould). Once cut, she brings them together, reforms them into necklaces, rings and bracelets, before coating them with a layer of coloured enamel. Mounted asymmetrically, her creations hark back to the sophistication of the 1920s, with an added touch of poetic modernity....
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    Jewel of Etruscan inspiration.Realization by lost wax micro-fusion, allowing to highlight the smallest details.Material: Galvanized bronze, 24 carats gold For pierced ears DimensionsHeight: 2.5 cmWidth: 2 cmMaterial: Galvanized bronze, 24 carats goldEditor:rmngp
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