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    The smooth cane ends in two ibexes facing each other, with morphological features portrayed in fine chasing. During the Hellenistic period, many bracelets of this type, their extremities embellished with heads of animals, existed in the Greek world. A wide variety of species were represented, including lions, rams, goats, calves, lynxes and griffins. This...
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    This bracelet is of a rather rare type especially in Brittany. It is part of a small production of late Bronze Age goldsmithery and similar examples can be found in northern Germany and especially in some treasures in southern England. At that time, gold ornaments were not rare. Many of them were found in graves, the others seemed to belong to religious...
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    This jewel presents a thin open rush, with flattened ends and decorated with grooves, whose schematization gives rise to several interpretations : they can evoke knotted ribbons, just like ancient hieroglyphic signs widely used in the form of amulets in pharaonic jewellery; they also recall flowers with corollas seen in profile, emerging from their...
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    This jewel is inspired by a gold leaf from the laurel wreath worn by Napoleon during his coronation at Notre-Dame on December 2, 1804. This wreath, which can be found on various paintings representing the Emperor in coronation costume or on that of the coronation itself, painted by David, was destroyed during the Restoration. While the painter...
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    Bracelet inspired by the lotus ring.Rings appear from the earliest dynasties, and are commonly worn from the Middle Kingdom. It is the partitioning technique, very appreciated by the Egyptians, which is used here. Symbolism is still very present in Egyptian art. The lotus flower, which frames the setting on each side, is directly linked to the idea of...
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    Bracelet representing a viper with horns, recognizable by the protuberances of its head. This kind of snake bracelet, worn on the upper arm, appeared in Egypt in the 1st century BC and continues to this day. It is not known if the goldsmith was inspired by the legend of the death of the great Cleopatra, the last queen of the Lagid dynasty, who, to escape...
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    Long matured, probably sketched around 1862 from drawings that date from his time with Thomas Couture, Olympia can be read as the insolent apotheosis of a prostitute, who takes the pose and name of the courtesans of the Renaissance. The reference to Titian is as insistent as Victorine Meurent's gaze, quietly sovereign. At the 1865 Salon, with one or two...
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    Dimensions19.5 cm x 0.6 cm - 11.5 gMaterial: Sterling Silver 925Museum: Paris - Great PalaceEditor: rmngp
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    Based on the facsimile of the jewellery set"The Queen's Necklace" preserved in the Palace of Versailles. Assembled by Paul Bassenge (jeweller) and Boehmer This diamond necklace, worth £1.6 million at the time, was the origin of what was called the"necklace affair".In 1785 this sumptuous necklace had been proposed to Marie Antoinette by two jewellers but,...
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